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I'm a wife and mother of two living the sweet life in Twin Cities, MN.  I love my family, my girlfriends, my dogs Betty and Ginger, a good book (preferably read while drinking a good glass of wine...or two), white chocolate,  baby goats, leggings, laughing till I can't breathe, and meeting new people.


I can be silly.  Usually sarcastic.  Always real. I'll get down on the ground and get dirty if needed to get the pictures I want.   If I make you laugh uncontrollably during our session, my work is done.  


So many times I hear parents say well, what if my kids....what if the weather....what if I look....Oh, the what ifs!  Don't worry about the what ifs.  My satisfaction comes when I capture images you don't even realize I've captured.  The looks between husband and wife, the stuck-out tongue of a two year old, the face of a ten year old as mom fixes his hair.  That's life at that moment.  That's YOU at that moment.


Don't worry about the latest Pinterest trends in photography.  Don't worry about if your daughter's hair is blowing in the wind. Come as you are.  Let me capture the real you.

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