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I'm a wife and mother of two living the sweet life in Twin Cities, MN.  I love my family, my girlfriends, my dogs Betty and Ginger, a good book (preferably read while drinking a good glass of wine...or two), white chocolate,  baby goats, leggings, laughing till I can't breathe, and meeting new people.


I can be silly.  Usually sarcastic.  Always real. I'll get down on the ground and get dirty if needed to get the pictures I want.  If I make you laugh uncontrollably at LEAST 5 times during our session, my work is done.  


Don't worry about the latest Pinterest trends.  Don't worry about if your hair is blowing in the wind.  Don't worry about if you don't know what to do with your hands. I've got you. Come as you are.  Let me capture the real you.  It's gonna be so. much. fun. 

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